Yeshivas Kayitz


Yeshivas Kayitz Dates: June 21st – July 20th 2022 (22nd Sivan-21st Tammuz 5782) – choose when you start!

Location & Accommodation

Situated in the heart of Jerusalem in the picturesque and historic neighbourhood of Sharei Chessed with the Kosel just a half an hour walk away.

Our campers stay in the Yeshiva dormitories, typically in rooms of three to four boys. The Beis Hamedrash, dorms, dining room and Kollel families are all just a few minutes walk away.

We serve three nutritious and delicious meals a day and cater for special requirements.

Gym and sports facilities are also available for the boys to use.

Ways to Apply:

Contact R’ Amitai Zaroom by:

  1. Email:
  2. Call: +972-548-592-429
  3. WhatsApp: +972-583-205-586

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