Summer Programs


Camp Emes

Camp Emes is an action-packed summer camp designed for high school boys ages 14-17 yrs looking to experience Eretz Yisroel in a frum enviornment with thrilling tiyulim. Supervised and run by experienced avreichim and with the assistance of our outstanding bochrim, campers from the US, UK and beyond join for an action-packed and unforgettable summer.


Yeshivas Kayitz

Yeshivas Kayitz provides the unique opportunity for high school boys to learn full-time and become a part of our prestigious Yeshiva. They will also enjoy a number of exhilarating tiyulim and fun activities.

Camp Emes Tour Dates: June 29th – July 20th 2022 (1st-21st Tammuz 5782)

Yeshivas Kayitz Dates: June 21st – July 20th 2022 (22nd Sivan-21st Tammuz 5782) – choose when you start!