Summer Program

We offer two Summer Programs at Midrash Shmuel.  Please use our application form to apply to a program  or contact us for any questions.

Tour Dates: Monday July 23rd – Thursday August 9th 2018 (11-28 Av 5778). 


Midrash Tour is a summer camp for high school boys who want a combination of yeshiva learning and tiyulim. Midrash Shmuel avreichim and bochrim serve as madrichim, and campers come from both the northern and southern hemispheres. The boys spend the morning learning with avreichim in the yeshiva and hearing shiurim in halacha and Gemora. The afternoons are spent on tiyulim – hiking, paintballing, rappelling, jeeping, horse riding, visiting Gedolim, etc. In the evenings the boys have a guest speaker or an interactive hashkafa vaad or an activity. Our campers enjoy a taste of yeshiva life and have fun.

Choose from half-day learning with Midrash Tour or full-day learning with Yeshivas Kayitz.

Sample Afternoon Activities include:

Barkan Winery
Bullet Factory Rehovot
Drive to North to Kinnar beach
Daven at Ari, Nachum ish Gamzu
Teveiriah fishing
Chizkiyahus Tunnels/Ir David
Bnei Brak- Meet R’Chaim Kanievsky
Ashdod Beach
Out Shabbos
Genesis Land
Making Olive Oil
Biblical Zoo
CPR course Hatzolah certified
Geulah/ Meah Shearim
Shabbos in Yeshivah
Horse riding Netanya
Ein Gedi/ Dead Sea
Farewell feast

Sample Evening Activities include:

Go carting
Miron Kever Rashbi/BBQ/Kumsitz
Travel back to Yeshivah
Football in Gym
Hypnosis show
Kung Fu
Out Shabbos
Talent Show
Kosel Tunnel Tours
Blind Museum
Meet Rosh HaYeshivah
Yad Eliezer
Sushi Making

Midrash Tour Learning Schedule

8:00 am: Shacharis
9:15 am: Breakfast
9:45 am: Halacha Shiur (Shiur given on variety of topics including Hashkafa, Chumash and Halacha)
10:15 am: Chavrusas – Iyun (Learning with Bnei Yeshivah to analyse the גמרא in depth.)
11:30 am: Shiur Iyun (In depth shiur given by one of the magidei shiur.)
12:45 pm: Lunch
1:15 pm: Mincha
2:00 pm: Afternoon Activity
7:30 pm: Supper
8:00 pm: Dinner
8:00 pm: Maariv
8:20 pm: Hashkafa Shiur
8:45 pm: Evening Activity