About Us


Midrash Shmuel is home to over one hundred bochurim, their origins ranging from literally all four corners of the globe. The Yeshiva aims to be a microcosm of Klal Yisroel’s diversity. Each boy’s individual minhagim are respected and we take great pride in our boys’ range of backgrounds. The common denominator among our talmidim is that each one comes to honestly grow in his Avodas Hashem and maximize his time in Yeshiva. The typical talmid we attract is intelligent, hardworking, energetic, creative and talented.



In addition to its bochurim, the Yeshiva is extremely proud of its one hundred and forty avreichim who form a vibrant and cohesive community. The experience of our bochurim is greatly enriched by being able to learn with and share Shabbosos with our mature married students. The exposure the bochurim have to the kollel community is an integral part of their yeshiva experience.

Camp Emes

Camp Emes is an action-packed summer camp designed for high school boys ages 14-17 yrs looking to experience Eretz Yisroel in a frum environment with thrilling tiyulim. Supervised and run by experienced Midrash Shmuel avreichim and with the assistance of our outstanding bochrim, campers from the US, UK and beyond join for an action-packed and unforgettable summer.

Yeshivas Kayitz

Yeshivas Kayitz gives high school boys from the northern and southern hemispheres a chance to be part of a yeshiva during their summer and winter breaks. With Midrash Shmuel avreichim and bochurim as their madrichim, the boys participate in the Yeshiva’s shiurim, have chavrusas with talmidim in the Yeshiva, and enjoy tiyulim around the country as well as fun activities.


Midrash Shmuel is extremely proud of its distinguished alumni, among them scholars, leading educators, rabbis, and community lay professional leaders, who continue to enrich Jewish communities around the world. The Rosh Yeshiva and Rebbeim cherish their close relationships with the alumni, making sure to always be available to those seeking guidance and support.