From our parents…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank this wonderful yeshiva for all the beautiful work and kindness that my son receives. He is truly happy in this yeshiva and we see him B"H growing beautifully.

Mrs. Attar, Montreal 


Through your shmoozen and vaadim, Yehoshua has absorbed Torah true Hashkofos and a blazing Ahavas and Cheshkas HaTorah.

Mr. Wulwick,  London


You have touched the heart of my child and this is priceless; I extend to you my deepest gratitude and to your entire team and to HaRav Moskovits shlita.

Mrs. El Baz, Paris 


We are so grateful that Midrash Shmuel‎ has provided such a wonderful environment to facilitate Uzi's growth in Torah. We could not wish for him to be in a better place!

Dr. Feinstein, Johannesburg


I am simply in awe of how you have managed to tailor your yeshivah to my son's requirements and have understood his mentality, developed his havonoh in learning, love for - and above all pride - in Yiddishkeit.

Mr. Epstein, Manchester